This was a summary of the first game I produced to launch on Android.

Was not good, but the pre production process was educational.


  • Invested in Starling instead of making my own engine
  • Used Flashdevelop instead of Adobe’s IDE due to better debugging
  • Went through multiple Starling tutorials to get the hang of the basics; used Github as a solid resource to see good coding practices
  • Made a rough draft plan using lean canvas to make a simple, but polished shooter based off of Man Ray
  • Asked Robmugshot to help with music in advance since I knew I couldn’t handle music/SFX



  • Allowed myself to be discouraged due to the process and my lack of coding knowledge; a 2 month project grew to 6 months.
  • Had no direction on where to start, so I started making characters, enemies, etc.
  • Bit off more that I could chew at first; ran behind schedule
  • Did not think about platforms to port to until the very end.

Lessons Learned:

  • Read the War of Art before starting any project. It is relevant and will pump you up. Keep a copy nearby at all times
  • Have a solid plan first; write it out on paper and think of all contingencies before committing to coding. This includes AI, UI and general flow. Not thoroughly detailed, but a solid outline at first.
  • Not a hard and fast rule, but pre production should be the only time where I have the right to change my mind. I should have my story down, my GDD framework fleshed out, all my creative ducks waddling around.
  • Have preemptive foresight when it comes to having recyclable code.
  • The first project is certainly the hardest.
  • Do UI first (Score, lives, background and time placeholders). Make sure embedded fonts, dummy assets, etc. work and gameflow can go from splash screen to game over smoothly so you can forget about it.



I’m not above asking for tips!

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