FEsRgM48g5_wzEsFIwQ_5L4k-p5FScAJswiof2AU0MU,kre8atw3j9sCAhvenrdWWrpVezv_TuoAvpLoXjMxmi8뿌리박기 하다 – to incorporate in a firm, or permanent, way

I am avid technology and video game enthusiast who consults projects for various 500 Fortune companies, mid tier businesses and post production studios from time to time.

When my white collar comes off, I enjoy long gaming sessions of Shin Megami Tensei , learning foreign languages, tinkering in various coding structures, read surreal fiction, partake in Vice style travel and getting in front of people to  channel my inner theatrical spirit animal, Shia Labeouf. He told me screaming was okay.

Puhri (뿌리박기 하다) is a site of idea experimentation. Just as trees have a multitude of branches to gather and grow,  I dabble then I spit out my findings here.

Said experiments could be project management, game development, art, digital execution of socio-economics in the standard web / deep web or just recipes that I think are terrible and need re-engineering.

Either way, it will be unorthodox and I prefer it that way.

Join me.


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other side projects: glatta papa

Featured in Seattle Magazine July 2014