My first Fightstick mod was not a crazy one, but I wanted it to look like it was. *pops collar*

I’m a huge SMT fan, and when I mean huge, I mean it. No series is as deep and rich as the Shin Megami Tensei World but Nocturne has a special place in my heart. It was the first SMT game I ever played (yes, I got started super late) but it was given by a dear friend from high school (Shout out to Tsung!)

So when I got into SF4 heavy, I knew I would have to get a fightstick, but I hated them. The joystick was too loose, the buttons too loud and I hate quad gates. Yes, I’m a punk, but it’s my stick…I do whut I want.


Street Fighter 4 TE S Stick Xbox360 – Used (Amazon)

4 Sanwa Two Tone Buttons – Grey/Black 30 mm (Focus Attack)

1 Sanwa Shaft and Dust Washer Set – Clear Smoke (Focus Attack)

8 Button Silence Pad – 30 mm 8 pack (Focus Attack)

1 Balltop Handle – Clear Smoke (Focus Attack) *Note: I don’t think they carry this anymore*

Sanwa Tension Spring  – 2 lb (Focus Attack)

Sanwa Oct Gate – GT-Y (Focus Attack)

Mad Catz Plexi – TE-S (Tex Innovations)

Nocturne / Radou Print – Internet (Tek Innovations)



  • Used half of the buttons that came with the stick, popped them all open and replaced the insides with silence pads. Video Here
  • Removed stock spring and replaced it with heavier spring for more control. Video Here
  • Replaced Shaft and Dustwasher. Video Here
  • Remove Quad gate and replace it with Oct gate. Video Here for Insert | Video Here for Gate
  • Remove Stock Art and remove glue with Goo Gone. Video Here
  • Get art work double laminated at kinkos. Cut out Button holes and replace with plexi.


And there you have it. One bad ass stick that almost completely customized to my liking and only cost me about 250, including shipping for the parts.




I’m not above asking for tips!

Bitcoin: 1zcqAZaq99XYnWdDCWsYEVX4rwb5ikyvz

Doge: DKERrZi1VLbaJovo6xFWz76dQq3826DP93


3 Thoughts to “Fight Stick Mod: SMT Nocturne – Lucifer’s Stick”

  1. Good write-up! Nice to have all the pieces in one place instead of spread across fifteen different SRK threads.

    In related news, I finally broke down and ordered myself a Qanba Q4 so I can play at home and at the office. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

    1. Ooooo! Qanba?! You gotta tell me how it plays! Do you have a PS4? There’s a group for SF4 practice and tourney training you should hit up!

      1. Will do! I’m expecting it to arrive in a couple days. Spent tons of time researching options and it looked like the best one currently available. A bit pricier than I was hoping for but will save me having to swap out as many parts up front.

        No PS4–my next gen console is my sweet gaming PC. 🙂

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