I’ve been surfing around looking for good instructions on how to merge Unity with the Android SDK to start releasing builds only to find older tutorials, one line ‘pass the buck instructions and frustration. Lame. Especially if Ubuntu 15.10 is your OS platform of choice. I found that after receiving a stable Unity 5.3.1 build, getting it to work was only the sliver of the battle to have a full end to end developer environment.

I’ve verified the following steps do work with Unity 5.3.1 | Ubuntu 15.10 | Android SDK r24.4.1 – linux.

Step 1: Grabbing & Installing Unity 5.3.1 Linux

Step 2: Grabbing Java  and Updating for the Android SDK

Note: Before attempting to install the Android SDK manually, verify that you have the latest client of Java.

  • The following post works with the 15.10 version of Ubuntu as well as previous versions. Installation verified. Get comfy with that Terminal; you’re going to use it lots.
  • If you want to get the JDK physically, you can download it here and extract it in  the /temp folder and use the terminal to move it to the /opt folder. I found it’s an easier location for Unity to find both SDKs in the same folder.

Step 3: Download and Install Android SDK

Step 4: Mixing Unity and the SDKs Together

  • Open previous Unity Dummy Project
  • Navigate to Edit > Preferences > External Tools. If you had Monodevelop problems, you already know where this is.
  • Place SDK folder locations (both Android & Java DK) in the appropriate places as seen in the pic.
  • Build your project using Android and test.

Screenshot from 2016-02-21 11-55-58



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