Man…my first aerial class was AMAZING.

I’m serious. I didn’t know what to expect. I am known for my strength and my wit, but not my grace. Luckily, a former classmate, and supah bad yogi, from my previous dance classes joined me. After 90 minutes of hanging upside down, climbing tissues and (failing at climbing at tissues – especially me) we were hooked and sweat in crevices that we never knew we had. I think I may put down lifting for the rest of my life. I think I found the perfect medium of fitness.

Addicted? Yes. My new Jam? Without a doubt. Flight feels good, man.


I’m very sad there aren’t more aerialist of color out there, well there is  Kiebpoli Calnek.  Thank gawd for her.




As usual, I was the largest person in my class, but I oddly didn’t care about that. After doing pole for so many years and finally getting accustomed to synching my mind with my body, I’m happy to take this next step forward…to really fly, despite falling, bruising and putting my body through new pain. It’s going to be glorious.